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Take Your Next Step by serving in FUSE

There is a place for everyone in FUSE, from serving on the tech team to bringing snacks once a month. Take your next step by finding a place in FUSE to serve one another. 

Fill out the form below and someone will contact you about next steps in serving in FUSE.

Serve Descriptions

Time Commitment: Bi-Monthly
Details: Remind students to check-in on the computer and help new students get all their info.
Special Requirement: Must arrive by 5:45pm.

Clean Crew
Time Commitment: Bi-Monthly
Details: Help pick up trash, papers, pens, and bibles after FUSE. Help stack chairs and assist the worship team in putting away and packing equipment. 
Special Requirement: Must be willing to stay after as needed to make sure room is fully clean.

Co-lead a small group (11th & 12th graders only)
Time Commitment: Weekly
Details: Assist an adult volunteer in leading the middle school students. Must arrive by 5:30 pm to be apart of leader meeting and fulfill any expected small group leader trainings.
Special Requirement: Must be entering into the 11th or 12th grade.

Greet Team
Time Commitment: Bi-Monthly
Details: Be a smiling face as you hold the door for students to walk in. Be a friend to new students and offer to sit with them and show them around for FUSE that night.
Special Requirement: Must arrive by 5:45pm.

Set-Up Team
Time Commitment: Bi-Monthly
Details: Arrive early to help set up the room and any games that needs assisting.
Special Requirement: Must arrive by 5:00pm.

Time Commitment: Monthly
Details: Either purchase or create a snack for all the students in FUSE to enjoy before FUSE starts.
Special Requirement: Must arrive by 5:45pm.

Sound & Tech
Time Commitment: Bi-Monthly/Weekly
Details: Assist in running slides, setting up music and sound equipment, and any other technical needs. No experience required. We will train you on the computer programs we use and the equipment we have. 
Special Requirements: Must arrive by 4:00pm for worship practice.

Worship Team
Time Commitment: Bi-Monthly/Weekly
Details: Lead worship for the group through musical instrument or singing. All instruments can be considered.
Special Requirements: Must arrive by 4:00pm for worship practice. Willing to come to extra practices throughout the year.

Student Serve Form

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