2017 FUSE Guatemala Mission Trip

FUSE Guatemala Mission Trip important info:

Actual Trip Dates: June 17–24, 2017

Trip Meeting Dates & Times:
February 12 - Noon in Youth Wing
March 12 - 4pm in Coffee Works
April 9 - 4pm in Coffee Works
May 21 - 4pm in Coffee Works
June 15 - 6pm in Youth Wing (with Parents)


In 2015 epikos began a relationship with two small villages in the mountains of Guatemala, Caniche and San Jose Arenal, though an organization called Food for the Hungry (FH). One part of that relationship involved many people from epikos sponsoring children from those villages, and it’s been wonderful to see so many people giving generously. Since then, each year epikos has sent a team to Guatemala to serve in these villages and show these beautiful people the love of Christ.


FUSE has a special opportunity to come alongside what the church is doing in Guatemala and continue the legacy we are creating there. We will be taking a small group of high school students this summer to see what God is doing through our partnership with FH and continue to build the relationships that we started last year. It will be a super fun experience as well as a challenge to grow in your journey with Jesus.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?  The cost of the trip $1,350 per person.  Everyone will raise support to pay their way. We will teach you and help to learn how to raise the funds needed. We are trusting that God will provide the money for every person who wants to go on the trip. So if you feel called that the Lord is leading you on this trip, don't let the price keep you away.

Who is able to go on this trip? We are accepting applications from students entering into 9th grade in 2017 up to students who are graduating this school year. 

Who is leading the trip? We are taking two leaders on this FUSE trip. Pastor Frank, Sarah Wahl and Nancy Tanaka

Are there any medical or health restrictions?   No

Are there any particular skills I need to have?   No specific skills; just an attitude of teamwork and flexibility.

What commitments will I have to do? All participants must attend monthly meetings where we will train you for the trip. Failure to attend these meetings will result in not being able to go on the trip.

Can I still go to FUSE camp if I go on the mission trip? Yes, we will have special deals for those who want to do both. Again, don't let money stop you from applying to the mission trip or to camp.

I have a couple more questions. Who should I ask? Please email any questions to Pastor Frank: Frank@epikos.org