Leader Recommended Songs of Worship

This past Sunday we talked about worship. We said that worship is showing God’s worthiness of praise by your words, thoughts, emotions,  actions, and life. We talked about how worship isn't just music. But music is powerful! The first ever worship song written in the Bible is found in Exodus 15. It was a response to who God is and what he had done. 

Worship music is a great way for us to remember and proclaim who God is and how he has worked in our lives. Is is a powerful tool to help us remember the gospel and His glory. 

Another great thing is that we live is a great time of worship music. There are some really talented artists making music today. The leaders of FUSE got together and compiled some of our favorites. Check out the videos below or listen to them on this Spotify Playlist we made here!

And one more from our very own!

10 Mother's Day Ideas

I love my mom!

Many of you met her during Big Winter Weekend when we went and served at the nursing home in Brookfield. She is a great mom even though I haven't always been a great son. When I was in high school once for mother's day I brought my mom a double cheeseburger from McDonalds. I thought it was a great gift. Mom still gladly took it even though it was just the extra burger I didn't eat.

This Mother's Day we are canceling FUSE so you can spend time with mom! We want to help you make Mother's Day special so here are 10 ideas for Sunday! Really try to make much of your time with your mom this weekend!

  1. Make a gratitude jar (Get a mason jar and fill it with notes of encouragement, get the rest of your family in on it.)
  2. Create a Photo Album of memories (get the pics from Facebook!)
  3. Make Mom Dinner (Or order something nice and put it on a plate from home)
  4. Remake childhood photos (Find some old photos of you when you were little and remake them today and then give them to her.)
  5. Write out a prayer for your mom and give it to her. (make it meaningful. I promise she will love it!)
  6. Make her this for Breakfast!
  7. Make her a comforting eye mask.
  8. Make her a card that tells her that she is right. (Because she probably is.)
  9. Make her
  10. Just tell her that you love her and spend time with her. I promise it will be great.

Three Videos To Watch Easter Sunday

We don't have FUSE this Sunday (Easter) Night. We hope you spend time with your family and enjoy celebrating the resurrection of Christ. Here are three videos to help you think more deeply about what Jesus did and why we celebrate this day! If you have any questions text your small group leader and we look forward to seeing you next week!


Read through this cartoon strip explaining why we should believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

Recommended Reading From Waiting, Dating, & Mating

With the dating series wrapping up I wanted to give you some great resources to help you study further. Here are some great books, articles, and videos to help keep the conversation going.

Sex, Dating, and Relationships: A Fresh Approach by Gerald Hiestand and Jay Thomas

I can’t recommend this book enough. If you can only afford one book to purchase of this post it should be this one. The authors take a look at this subject from the most biblical lenses possible. Even when it is inconvenient or not popular, they just present to you what the scripture actually says. This book is direct, blunt, but full of grace and mercy. They don’t live in a bubble and they understand the reality of sin and its effect on our lives. The book is laid out in a way that each chapter builds on the previous one and it is lined with bits of humor and illustrations. So it isn’t a hard read. The book is about 150 pages long so it isn’t a long read either. Seriously, get this book. 

Boy Meets Girl: Say Hello to Courtship by Joshua Harris

I read I Kissed Dating Goodbye when I was younger. It left a bad taste in my mouth (pun intended). I know many people have openly said they would never read anything by Joshua Harris because of the way his first book left them. My old senior pastor often makes jokes about how, as he has grown in his faith, he doesn’t agree with everything he has written in his first book. Neither does Joshua Harris. He has said he has learned a lot since writing that book. This book is good and has lots of great principles. The main thing you should take from this book is that premature, short-term romantic attachments can be a big distraction from serving God. There are some great practical points in this book and the love story in the early chapters may be the most romantic thing you have ever read.

When God writes your love story: The Ultimate Approach to Guy/Girl Relationships by Eric & Leslie Ludy

If you don’t know about the Ludys, you need to get to know them! Eric Ludy has one of the most powerful messages on the gospel I have ever heard. This book is practical and real. Real life issues and real life answers. This book has a lot of story telling from personal experience that may be a bit too much for some readers. If you can get passed some of the long-winded stories and see the content for what it is, it shares that rules alone won't stop people from falling into sexual sin and foolishness but rather a love for God will help safeguard you from those temptations.

Meet Mr. Smith: Revolutionize the Way You Think About Sex, Purity, and Romance by Eric & Leslie Ludy

Again, writing style aside, this book is great. My favorite part was chapter 19 where the author answers very candid questions about sex, lust, and purity. The book is full of grace and mercy like their other books. Worthy work on the subject of sex and purity.

Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is): Sexual Purity in a Lust-Saturated World by Jousha Harris

When I saw that Albert Mohler and John Piper gave this book a recommendation I had to check it out. Joshua Harris is often labeled as a legalist because of the things he has done personally to make war with lust. I have stated my opinion on Harris already but something needs to be added about this notion. Legalism is legalism when someone says that in order to be a Christian you have to add to the gospel (dress a certain way, behave a certain way, do certain things, etc.) Harris does not do that. He understands the gravity of lust and his own sin and makes war with it in a way that he feels kills that sin in him. If there is sin you need to make war with, it may look different how you deal with it than how someone else deals with it. This little book is great and has practical ways to fight lust in your heart.

Passion and Purity: Learning to Bring Your Love Life Under Christ’s Control by Elisabeth Elliot

Long before Joshua Harris wrote I Kissed Dating Goodbye, the book to read about purity and romance was Passion and Purity. The point of the book isn’t to mimic her relationship with Jim Elliot. It is to get the principles that are laid out in this book to apply to your life. Great work, worth reading and discussing.

What He Must Be:...If He Wants to Marry My Daughter by Voddie Baucham Jr.

Parents! I can’t shout the praises of this book enough! This is more than a check list. You don’t have to have a daughter to appreciate this book. This will encourage you to be a better parent. This book has already had done a huge work in my own life and I am not even a parent yet.

10 Myths About Sex & Relationships Among Emerging Adults by BJ Stockman

The New Modesty Makeover (Relevant Magazine)

The Other Side of Modesty (The Rebelution)

The Gospel and Modesty - David Platt

What Guys Think About Modesty.

Jessica Rey - The evolution of the swimsuit

Porn-Again Christian (Free E-book by Mark Driscoll)

7 Negative Effects of Porn (BJ Stockman)

9 Ways To Fight The Temptation of Pornography (BJ Stockman) 

5 Things You Can Expect From FUSE Summer Camp

What one word is guaranteed to make an entire room of FUSE Students start cheering? Summer Camp!

FUSE Summer Camp is by far the biggest event that is going to happen for our young people at FUSE. Here are five great things that they are guaranteed to experience at camp:


If you were to ask me my favorite things about summer camp, taking first place—like Usain Bolt in a fun run—is the way Jesus radically alters the trajectory of young people’s lives when they hear the great news of what he has done for them. Camp is about getting away from the norm for a few days to seek the face of God so we may be fueled for the mission of God. It’s a gospel injection. And when the gospel is proclaimed, the gospel happens and nothing comes close to that!


Our students will be back at Fort Wilderness camp in Rhinelander, Wisconsin which boasts a an awesome lake, tons of land for great games like capture the flag and beach volleyball, and so much more. We have a lot of surprises for camp this year! It is going to be great!


FUSE Summer Camp is the best time to strengthen friendships and to make new ones. God has designed us in such a way that we are only truly healthy when we do life in community—and one of the most important ingredients to walking well through the junior high/high school years is being surrounded by great friends who will point you in the right direction.


Fort Wilderness does not serve your average camp food. They serve up delicious meals that you look forward to eating. Yes, there will be s'mores and so much more!


As I’ve talked with many of our student leaders and think back to my own teenage years, some of the very best memories and defining moments in our journeys with Jesus happened at Summer Camp. I have memories of laughing hysterically and meeting plenty of new friends. But best of all, I remember powerful encounters with Jesus through his word that changed my life.

So be sure to register yourself, and a friend or two, for FUSE Summer Camp this year! 


Date: July 31 - August 4, 2016

Who: Students currently in 6th – 12th grade (includes graduating seniors)

Cost: $195 (early bird rate lasts until March 31! It goes up to $215 after that.)

Registration begins at midnight on March 7th. The first five people to register get sweet VIP privileges! 

For more info and to bookmark the link for March 7th go to FUSE.CAMP 

Dear Parents: We are talking about dating.

Dear Parents,

Beginning this Sunday we will start a new series called "Waiting, Dating, & Mating". The topic of this series will focus on dating, sex, and relationships. After almost ten years of working with students, I’m convinced no other subject has teenagers more captivated and confused like this one. Teens are hit with conflicting messages from every side and biblical clarity is therefore needed.

Why are we discussing these subjects? 1) because God has a ton to say about it in His Word, and 2) nearly every students is dealing with these issues on some level and many are struggling with it in their personal lives right now. Every night in small groups someone talks about their dating woes or offers prayer requests for friends who are broken because of dating mistakes. We do not want to shy away from topics because they are tough to talk about, especially when the consequences are so extreme.

We will be talking about sex. The goal here is not to teach your students new terms or explain things in graphic detail, but discuss it within God's word because these are areas in which students are struggling and being tempted. Students are going to find answers to their questions somewhere, and rather than remaining silent on uncomfortable topics we want to be a source of gospel-centered answers for them.

If there is one series at FUSE in which I would “highly recommend” your student to attend it would be this one. Many of our students are so confused or broken because of this subject. The wounds created in jr. high and high school run deep into their adult lives. We hope to bring healing to those who have made mistakes, and guidance to those who are confused.

If you feel your student is not ready for this content, or if you want to be the one that disciples your student on these issues, I understand and completely respect that decision. I just ask that if you do decide for your student not to participate, please send me an email (frank@epikos.org) so I’m not wondering why they are missing.

Our goal is that God is glorified by helping students build a foundation for healthy, God-honoring relationships. Please join me in prayer for our students to honor God in their relationships and for healing and forgiveness to occur where needed. If you have any questions at all. Feel free to contact me.

I’m so thankful for each of you!

Frank Gil, Student Pastor at FUSE