What Makes Up A Testimony.

What is a Testimony?

  • One way that this word is sometimes used is to describe the story that a witness of an event would tell other people to explain what happened.
  • Many Christians use the word “testimony” to describe the story of how they witnessed the presence of God in their life and how Jesus changed their life forever.
  • Testimonies are a great way to reach other people and tell them about Jesus because they are personal and true stories!

The 3 Components of a Story

  • The first part of a story is called the “introduction”. This is where we meet the main characters, get an idea of the setting, and see a “bad situation” escalating.
  • The second part of a story is called the “climax”. Essentially, the main character(s) realize the “bad situation” and are compelled to make changes to themselves to resolve the “bad situation”.
  • The third and final part of a story is called the “resolution”. At this point, we see if the changes made by the main characters were enough to resolve the “bad situation” and ultimately help develop a lesson to be learned from the story.

Testimonies Look the Same Way

  • In Ephesians 2:1-7, Paul gives an excellent example of how testimonies follow the same 3 component format as stories do.]

Some people are saved really young & haven’t had the big high or low moments in life.

  • Having different types of testimonies some people have the big low moments (like Paul) & some people have accepted Christ when they were young & didn’t have those low moments (Timothy).
  • Paul’s testimony (Act 9:1-9): Paul was originally SAUL….he was on his way to kill Christians when God stopped him on the road, & blinded him for a few days, THEN Saul gave his life to Christ && became ‘Paul’
  • Timothy’s testimony  (2 timothy 1:5-6): Grew up in a Christian home (his mom & grandmother believed) who shared their faith with him. At some point Timothy (while still young) he chose to accept Christ.
  • Timothy is an example of how young believers, can be used to help motivate and encourage other believers by being an example even while they are young (1 Timothy 4:12).

All of these stories may seem different when we view them with each person (Brennan, Bethany, Paul, & Timothy) BUT they’re all the same if God/Christ is the main person

  • You shouldn’t be the main character...it’s Jesus
  • If you’ve given your life to Christ, nothing about your life – your testimony, or even life itself its yours – it’s all God’s. So your testimony is actually part of his great love story for you/the world. 
  • If the focus of your story is  about Christ, we all of the same story

There is no good/bad testimony. If you are saved your testimony is great …you have the ‘happy ending’ (eternal life)

  • Timothy testimony is something that many Christian parents want for their kids, it beautiful in its own way….you’ve been protected from a lot of possible poor choices and given the opportunity to be encouraging in your faith to others.
  • You didn’t have to do drugs/party hard to have a “good” testimony, if you don’t have these really hard times, God has protected you.

Everyone may be at a different point in their testimony story. You may be at the intro (not yet accepting Christ), you may be at the climax (just accepted Christ), or you may have accepted him a long time ago & be in the ‘resolution’ part of your story.

  • If you’re at the ‘intro’ portion and struggling with questions or certain sin or if you just want to talk things through come talk to FUSE leaders. We want to help you & see you grow & be saved.

3 main take aways from this message:

  1. Sharing your testimony shouldn’t be complicated. There are 3 basic components: the intro before you knew Christ, the climax when you accepted Christ, & the ‘ending’ or how your life has changed after
  2. You are not the main character in your testimony, Jesus is. Your testimony is a time pre-Jesus, when you accepted Jesus as your Lord & Savior, & how Jesus has changed your life after you accepted him. The whole point of your testimony is how God changed your life
  3. Testimonies are meant to be shared. We all love sharing and telling stories. Your story is relevant and can impact and encourage others to grow in their relationship with Christ (whether you accepted Christ when you were really young or if you had some high/low points in life and then chose to accept Christ).