Resources on Creation


This past Sunday we talked about creation according to the Genesis account. We understand that the time we had on Sunday plus small group time was not enough to be able to prepare you for the opposition you may face in school believing what the Bible says about creation. With the help of Renae, we have compiled a list of resources that you can go back to as needed to help you understand what Christians should believe and be sure of your faith. 

These resources are not here to use as ammunition to argue with teachers or friends. Rather, they are hear to help you be more confident in your faith about God's marvelous design of everything.

These websites are great for any specific questions you may have on the subject: One Minute, and

Six Videos discussing: Radiometric Dating, Fossils and the Flood, The origin of races, Pain & Suffering, Science, and evolution. 

Lots of questions answered! Many have videos and are answered by an expert in their field in just a few minutes.