10 Mother's Day Ideas

I love my mom!

Many of you met her during Big Winter Weekend when we went and served at the nursing home in Brookfield. She is a great mom even though I haven't always been a great son. When I was in high school once for mother's day I brought my mom a double cheeseburger from McDonalds. I thought it was a great gift. Mom still gladly took it even though it was just the extra burger I didn't eat.

This Mother's Day we are canceling FUSE so you can spend time with mom! We want to help you make Mother's Day special so here are 10 ideas for Sunday! Really try to make much of your time with your mom this weekend!

  1. Make a gratitude jar (Get a mason jar and fill it with notes of encouragement, get the rest of your family in on it.)
  2. Create a Photo Album of memories (get the pics from Facebook!)
  3. Make Mom Dinner (Or order something nice and put it on a plate from home)
  4. Remake childhood photos (Find some old photos of you when you were little and remake them today and then give them to her.)
  5. Write out a prayer for your mom and give it to her. (make it meaningful. I promise she will love it!)
  6. Make her this for Breakfast!
  7. Make her a comforting eye mask.
  8. Make her a card that tells her that she is right. (Because she probably is.)
  9. Make her
  10. Just tell her that you love her and spend time with her. I promise it will be great.