Leader Recommended Songs of Worship

This past Sunday we talked about worship. We said that worship is showing God’s worthiness of praise by your words, thoughts, emotions,  actions, and life. We talked about how worship isn't just music. But music is powerful! The first ever worship song written in the Bible is found in Exodus 15. It was a response to who God is and what he had done. 

Worship music is a great way for us to remember and proclaim who God is and how he has worked in our lives. Is is a powerful tool to help us remember the gospel and His glory. 

Another great thing is that we live is a great time of worship music. There are some really talented artists making music today. The leaders of FUSE got together and compiled some of our favorites. Check out the videos below or listen to them on this Spotify Playlist we made here!

And one more from our very own!