5 Things You Can Expect From FUSE Summer Camp

What one word is guaranteed to make an entire room of FUSE Students start cheering? Summer Camp!

FUSE Summer Camp is by far the biggest event that is going to happen for our young people at FUSE. Here are five great things that they are guaranteed to experience at camp:


If you were to ask me my favorite things about summer camp, taking first place—like Usain Bolt in a fun run—is the way Jesus radically alters the trajectory of young people’s lives when they hear the great news of what he has done for them. Camp is about getting away from the norm for a few days to seek the face of God so we may be fueled for the mission of God. It’s a gospel injection. And when the gospel is proclaimed, the gospel happens and nothing comes close to that!


Our students will be back at Fort Wilderness camp in Rhinelander, Wisconsin which boasts a an awesome lake, tons of land for great games like capture the flag and beach volleyball, and so much more. We have a lot of surprises for camp this year! It is going to be great!


FUSE Summer Camp is the best time to strengthen friendships and to make new ones. God has designed us in such a way that we are only truly healthy when we do life in community—and one of the most important ingredients to walking well through the junior high/high school years is being surrounded by great friends who will point you in the right direction.


Fort Wilderness does not serve your average camp food. They serve up delicious meals that you look forward to eating. Yes, there will be s'mores and so much more!


As I’ve talked with many of our student leaders and think back to my own teenage years, some of the very best memories and defining moments in our journeys with Jesus happened at Summer Camp. I have memories of laughing hysterically and meeting plenty of new friends. But best of all, I remember powerful encounters with Jesus through his word that changed my life.

So be sure to register yourself, and a friend or two, for FUSE Summer Camp this year! 


Date: July 31 - August 4, 2016

Who: Students currently in 6th – 12th grade (includes graduating seniors)

Cost: $195 (early bird rate lasts until March 31! It goes up to $215 after that.)

Registration begins at midnight on March 7th. The first five people to register get sweet VIP privileges! 

For more info and to bookmark the link for March 7th go to FUSE.CAMP