Dear Parents: We are talking about dating.

Dear Parents,

Beginning this Sunday we will start a new series called "Waiting, Dating, & Mating". The topic of this series will focus on dating, sex, and relationships. After almost ten years of working with students, I’m convinced no other subject has teenagers more captivated and confused like this one. Teens are hit with conflicting messages from every side and biblical clarity is therefore needed.

Why are we discussing these subjects? 1) because God has a ton to say about it in His Word, and 2) nearly every students is dealing with these issues on some level and many are struggling with it in their personal lives right now. Every night in small groups someone talks about their dating woes or offers prayer requests for friends who are broken because of dating mistakes. We do not want to shy away from topics because they are tough to talk about, especially when the consequences are so extreme.

We will be talking about sex. The goal here is not to teach your students new terms or explain things in graphic detail, but discuss it within God's word because these are areas in which students are struggling and being tempted. Students are going to find answers to their questions somewhere, and rather than remaining silent on uncomfortable topics we want to be a source of gospel-centered answers for them.

If there is one series at FUSE in which I would “highly recommend” your student to attend it would be this one. Many of our students are so confused or broken because of this subject. The wounds created in jr. high and high school run deep into their adult lives. We hope to bring healing to those who have made mistakes, and guidance to those who are confused.

If you feel your student is not ready for this content, or if you want to be the one that disciples your student on these issues, I understand and completely respect that decision. I just ask that if you do decide for your student not to participate, please send me an email ( so I’m not wondering why they are missing.

Our goal is that God is glorified by helping students build a foundation for healthy, God-honoring relationships. Please join me in prayer for our students to honor God in their relationships and for healing and forgiveness to occur where needed. If you have any questions at all. Feel free to contact me.

I’m so thankful for each of you!

Frank Gil, Student Pastor at FUSE