There are some big changes coming to FUSE.

FUSE is the student ministry of epikos church.

FUSE exists to make more and better disciples of students.

There are over 5,000 jr. high & high school students in the West Allis & West Milwaukee school district, and we want to create a place for every single one of them to connect with a people and a person to point them closer to Jesus.

We have a heart to serve our local schools, be their biggest fans, and encourage every student that walks through our doors to love where they learn and be ambassadors for Christ.

Since I got here to epikos I have seen that Wednesdays are very full days for families. Homework, practice, games, and more were conflicting with what we were doing on Wednesday nights.

We do not want students to have to choose between Gospel-centered community (church) and pursuing their God-given talent in athletics, creative arts, clubs, etc.

Our mission is to be place that allows students to do both.

We also want to be on board with what is happening in the schools of our community. We feel strongly that we are supposed to attend and serve our amazing teams, coaches, actors, players, and students at games and practices.

Therefore, in order to make FUSE accessible to as many students as possible FUSE services will move to Sunday nights from 6:30 - 8:30 pm starting on January 3rd

With this move we want to also push and challenge our jr. high students. We believe jr. high students can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. We also value jr. high students being apart of the greater body at epikos. 

Along with the move to Sunday nights, Bassline will no longer meet Sunday morning at 10:30. We want to encourage all students to join their family or find friends to sit with in the service. We will help students by providing them with their own sheets to fill out during the service. 

These changes also frees our students to serve. Hero Central needs volunteers and we are always looking for people to open doors and pass out bulletins. Students can sign up now to get more info to serve at our serve page: serve.epikos.org 

FUSE will no longer take place on Wednesday nights and Bassline will no longer meet on Sunday mornings starting in 2016.

The FIRST EVER Sunday night FUSE will take place on January 3rd. We will kick it off with lots of fun and excitement so you will want to invite friends! Can't wait to see you then.

Frank Gil, FUSE Student Ministries Pastor