Adolescence, Sexuality, & Parenting

There are several key topics we believe we need to walk through with our middle and high school students on a regular basis. One such topic is challenging students to navigate relationships and sexuality in a way that honors God. We are living in a world that is presenting (and even promoting) a message to a younger and younger age that says, "You are defined by your relational and sexual pursuits." It’s something we HAVE TO be talking about at home and in the church. As we processed this thought a little more deeply, we asked the question, “What if we created resources to have the same discussion with and among our parents?”

So we decided to go for it! “Adolescence, Sexuality, and Parenting” is a four-part series that will be hosted right every Friday from February 23 through March 16.

It is essential that you are aware of the vital role you play in developing a biblical sexual worldview. We want to help in building this awareness as well as equipping you with some practical ways to nurture a desire for "sexual integrity" in your students. 


Lay of the land

What is the current landscape of teen culture with dating, sexuality and sex?

God, Guys, & Girls Week 1 Preview

God, Guys, & Girls Week 1 Follow-up

God, Guys, & Girls Week 1 Sermon

porn & Parent controls

What is the greatest drug plaguing our culture today, and how do parents fight it?

God, Guys, & Girls Week 2 Preview

Additional Resources and Links

God, Guys, & Girls Week 2 Follow-up

God, Guys, & Girls Week 2 Sermon

Biblical sex 

What if we moved beyond abstinence into a holistic approach to handling dating, sex, and sexuality God's way?

God, Guys, & Girls Week 3 Preview

God, Guys, & Girls Week 3 Follow-up

God, Guys, & Girls Week 3 Sermon

The Talk 

How do we nurture ongoing healthy conversations with our family about sexual integrity?

Questions to process.

  1. What do we need to communicate to our kid(s) about sexuality, and when/how are we going to communicate it?
  2. What accountabilities do we have/need when it comes to internet/cell phone usage?
  3. What are our expectations and guidelines when it comes to dating relationships?

  4. What is our game plan if/when we encounter sexual compromise with our kid(s)?

  5. When are we going to go out on a date & follow it up with a little “sexual integrity” of our own?

God, Guys, & Girls Week 4 Preview

Waiting, Dating, & Mating E-Book

God, Guys, & Girls Week 4 Follow-up

God, Guys, & Girls Week 4 Manuscript